Donation of half a million made to the frontline workers of our community

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Donation of half a million made to the frontline workers of our community

Published: Mon, 27 Apr 2020 by Intouch Partners

The fight to combat COVID-19 has presented all of us here, with some difficult times. It is evidently clear that we are all doing the very best that we can—individually and as a community—and provide support to the strong forces of NHS healthcare workers.

While we at InTouch Games continue to follow the safety measures set out by the government; the frontline workers are dedicating all of their efforts and energy into protecting our community.

Which is why InTouch Games has made a donation of £500,000 on the 17th of April 2020, to the local hospital Russells Hall in Dudley, as a means to lend an aiding hand to help and support the frontline workers and patients faced with fighting the coronavirus.

We are all aware of the difficulties currently being tackled across the globe, and InTouch games recognises an immediate urgency to take a step forward in giving hope and encouraging perseverance to the very best of our own abilities—during this uncertainty.

InTouch Games values the committed efforts and support shown by the healthcare workers, and acknowledges the chance to give back by supporting in the best possible way that we can as a business.

Along with providing a donation of £500,000 to Russells Hall Hospital, to go towards the supply of key protective and medical equipment, vital to the patients and frontline workers at this time, InTouch Games is also offering any technical support it can, to the hospital.

Russells Hall is our local hospital, part of the Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust—and has always been close in the heart of the CEO here at InTouch Games. It is during these times that the company is able to take a right step forward in helping the community, by taking action.

It’s taken much strength and perseverance from the workforce over in the health sector to fight through these difficult times, and we are fortunate that as a business we are able to make this contribution, in hope to help give back to our community.

It comes with great gratitude that we as a business are able to give back, just like many of the individuals around us have been. It is during these times that we can step up as a business and make a difference for our communities—and we only hope to continue urging other businesses that are fortunate enough to be in the same position, to step forward and do the same.

It is a chance for all of us to unite and get through this—together! May we all continue forwards with strength, hope and determination to come out of this difficult situation safely, and do all that we can to help those facing the current effects of the epidemic.

We have, and always will be, stronger together.

Stay safe. Stay home. Support the NHS.