Safer Gambling – Be part of the conversation

Safer Gambling Week at Intouch Partners

Keeping our players safe and happy is at the heart of our values at Intouch Games. This is why we are proud to be taking part in Safer Gambling week, an annual national and industry-wide event that presents several ways to keep players safe when gambling.

We take this topic seriously across all our brands and have various methods to make sure that when people are gambling, they are doing it safely.

Therefore, as we understand that unsafe gambling can affect anyone at any time, we are taking part in Safer Gambling Week to make it easier for players to gamble safely across the board.

What is Safer Gambling Week?

Led by the gambling industry, Safer Gambling Week was essentially developed to create more conversations about gambling. These conversations take place with players, staff at gambling companies and even the wider public.

This year, Safer Gambling week will be between 1st-7th November and is happening throughout the UK and Ireland. During this time, conversations will be happening on social media, the game’s sites and in person.

The topics of conversations will revolve around:

What tools do we have available at Intouch Games?

There are many tools available on our sites to help keep people safe. On all the Intouch Games pages, there is a specific section dedicated to Safer Gambling. This can be found through the shield at the top of the page with the letters ‘SG’ clearly displayed. When clicked on, this instantly takes people to the Safer Gambling page, which is filled with information and advice on Safer gambling.

We also offer lots of different kinds of limits to encourage players to take a breather from gambling should they need it.

When logged into their accounts, players have the option to set the following limits:

What else can people do to keep themselves protected when gambling?

We have lots of advice and links on our site that point people in the right direction to help them gamble safer. Other things we recommend people do to keep themselves safe is to:

Working with West Bromwich Albion to promote Safer Gambling

Being a Black Country-based firm, Intouch Games are beyond proud to have partnered with local football team West Bromwich Albion as the team’s back of shirt sponsor. Intouch Games will be making the most of the exposure the football team has to make people aware of Safer Gambling Week. It will encourage people to have more conversations around the topic and to make the most of the tools available to help stay safe when gambling.

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